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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disney Slides 1

Here is the 1st slide show of our trip! I had so many more pics, but you can only fit so many. These are some of the highlights though!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Us in front of the Walt & Mickey statue. you have to get a picture in front of this
jayden & Jason w/the cars cars
Sydni got to set on Cinderellas lap at the Goofy breakfast "It was so precious'
We splurged and did the character breakfast with was so worth it.

We had such a good time in Disneyland!!! We left Saturday the 24th (Taylors B-Day) and headed to Vegas, because we didn't think the kids would last that long in the car... Next time we're going to drive straight through or fly. Vegas is not a place for kids. I felt like I needed to blindfold them just walking through our junky Hotel. Okay I found the cheapest one I could since we would just be sleeping, in our case NOT sleeping! Since we couldn't go do much, the kids got really bored in the hotel. Then there was some loud show outside the hotel that we could hear until after 11pm, plus Ethan had to sleep in between us and in the middle of the night he started crying for his crib and then he kept needing drinks. it was not a great night for sleep, when you have a 5 hour drive ahead. We did get to see Emily & Mike and the kids which was great.
So we woke up and was out of Vegas by 7:30, which wasn't quick enough. We got to our hotel about noon, but they talked jason into upgrading rooms, but it wasn't going to be ready until 2 or 3, so we headed into Disneyland. and Holey Canoley's it was B.U.S.Y. There was so many people you felt like cattle on a cattle drive. We pretty much just walked, waited, went on a ride, then did more walking and waiting. By the end of the day I could barely walk. (I really should of got in shape before I went) The kids were having a blast though and half way through the day we totally alomst ran into
SELENA GOMEZ..AAHHH. It was so Awesome. My niece Taylor almost touched shoulders with her. She was in a hurry and you could tell she didn't want people to notice her, but we did... Out of all the Disney Stars she is one of my favorites. We were so bummed the rest of the day, because we didn't get a picture & autograph, but it was still cool.
Sunday they had the fun Celebration parade and the fantasmic show, which I was so bummed jason didn't bring the camcorder back when he checked into the hotel. It was cool, even though me Tay and the kids had to wait over an hour to save a decent spot. I tried to record the show with my camera and there's no sound. I should of just took some pics, but it was probably to dark anyway. So after Fantasmic me figured we all had about as much as you can waiting and walking. so we went back to our Hotel (which was so nice). it was a suite and it was so roomy, they even brought us a crib to our room for free. (Eth appreciated that, so did me and jas). Tay even got her own bed. It was amazing how fast everyone would crash at night, even me. I would try and read, but it wasn't happening. the second night I even fell asleep in the tub for over an hour.
The second day I didn't wear socks with my shoes, mistake. I had a blister on my heal and calasses on the bottom of my feet. (which was why I got in the tub) it was still pretty busy on monday, but not as bad as Sunday. We decided to go into California Adventure for a couple of hours on this day. To be honest I wish we would of spent more time there. It wasn't as busy and it was so mush fun. I loved every ride and show that we saw. On our last day we spent more time in California. I even got on California Screamin' with Tay and definetly figured out why it is called that. Wow that rides fast!!! The new Toy Story ride was so awesome to, i would of went on that ride a couple of times, but it was the only ride that actually had a line. Since Syd and Eth wasn't old enough to ride most of the rides, we just had to take turns entertaining them while 2 people went on the ride then we would switch. I would love to go back soon, but I think i want to wait for them to be tall enough to ride all the rides.
All in All it was a great trip! The kids did farely well in the car and the parks. They loved seeing all the characters and they loved having breakfast with goofy and his friends. That was worth the money!!! We didn't see everyone, but the kids didn't care, they were just glad to see who they did. We were so glad Tay came with us, especially Eth, he was her little buddy most of the time. She was a great help, I don't think we would of done as well without her. Wednesday we went into downtown Disney to buy our soveniers before we headed back to Vegas, which none of us was excited about. I made reservations in the same hotel, because it was even cheaper the 2nd night and yes we were on the same side as the loud show, but closer down this time. so it was even louder, but I must have been really tired, because i crashed before the show was even over. So after 2 days in Vegas, 3 days in Disneyland we came home with $35 bucks. (we took $1,000) That is so sad, we even bought snacks and drinks before we left and we would take a cooler with us everyday with water and juices and a backpack with snacks. It saved us a lot, but then sometimes the snacking wasn't enough so we would have to buy stuff from the parks, but it would always be $30-$50 bucks everytime. Then we spent in between $300-$400 on soveiners, $16 bucks a day to ride the shuttle, $90 to rent the 2 strollers we used (worth the money though). Who knows where the rest went! This was definetly a learning trip, so next time I will be well more prepared. I'm going to try and do a slide show, because i took over 200 pics. Hopefully no one fell asleep reading this!!!

Mindi's thoughts for the Month

1. "Be believing, Be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will workout."---Gordan B. Hinckley 2.Our kindness may be the nost persuasive argument for that which we believe. ---Gordan B. Hinckley 3. You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable... It's your choice."---Hinckley

Good things To Come (Jefferey R. Holland)

A friend shared this on FB and so I thought I would share it with you. It's nice to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help us get through hard and troubled times.

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