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Friday, January 27, 2012


Life is really ironic sometimes!!!Just a few short hours after my last post on "Having Hope, Not giving up on the year, blah blah blah" I got a call from my sweet Hubby that he was in the hospital. I could tell by his voice that he was in a lot of pain. Those calls always make your heart race and you start thinking the worse, but when he told me the reason he was in the hospital I had to be grateful he was alive and coherent!

If you don't know what my hubby does, then I guess I have to explain...He is a bread route sales driver for Sara Lee. Meaning he goes to work when most of us are barely heading up to bed.(at least that's my routine)He does the same mundane things everyday and tries to mind his own buisness. Well He was heading into one of his stops (I won't say which store, even though most of you know) and had their 300lb industrial door come down on his head, neck and back and foot. Come to find out, this door had been broken for a month and the store did not get it fixed because it would cost too much. Well for how good our luck had been this year, it just happened to finish breaking the second my hubby walked through it...Long story short, He is out of work and on Workers Comp for maybe 3 months with a Compressed Fracture Vertibrae.

Yes he is in pain from this! The fracture will heal, the compression won't, but we feel so blessed right now that a Compressed Fracture was the only thing he has to recover from! When the door came down on his foot a paralyzed old man that only has use of 1/2 his body that worked in the store lifted that 300lb door off my husband so he could get his foot out. Minutes later 2 workers couldn't even lift the door up. We know Angels were there protecting and watching out for him. A week after the accident he went to a spine Dr. and was told that if his injury would have been centimeters over he would of been paralyzed...It still gives me the chills to think about and I have been so grateful to my Heavenly Father for keeping him here!

I still have to go to work, but my boss has aloud me to go to days for awhile so I can be home at nights to help with the kids and get dinner and all that fun stuff. I have loved being home at night with my family and now I will not want to go back to nights, just because I know what I will be missing out on! Well as I am at work my poor hubby is stuck at home with not a lot to do besides light cleaning, kids until I get home and no lifting over 15lbs. Let's just say the "Cabin Fever" is getting to him and it's only been 3 weeks...He needs visitors or a night out for dinner and a movie to keep his sanity, but with no money to waste we have been stuck home every weekend with the occasional Red Box rental. The Cabin Fever is getting to me on the weekends becuase I have had 3 saturdays off in a row and the most excitement we've had is last week when we picked up a free dresser in the rain and snow with my dad and the kids! Yes that was quite the adventure I don't wish to repeat!!!

We've had a crazy year and I'm sure it's not the last of our trials, but we'll survive! We have had so many prayers and so many good people willing to help us and we have felt so blessed and loved! Thank You to everyone, we Love you all!!!!

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Mindi's thoughts for the Month

1. "Be believing, Be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will workout."---Gordan B. Hinckley 2.Our kindness may be the nost persuasive argument for that which we believe. ---Gordan B. Hinckley 3. You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable... It's your choice."---Hinckley

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